Empowering mums with the confidence they need to move forward.

Woman who has overcome her struggles with being a new mother.

Parenting is a tough gig, even without the added complications of relationship and financial stress. And while the media likes to present motherhood as a natural state of happiness (full of calm, immaculate homes and perfectly behaved children), it's often not. 

So, if you're feeling overwhelmed, sad, anxious or confused, you've come to the right place.

I assist mums with the struggles of motherhood - no matter what stage of the journey you're at. I start by identifying your strengths, pinpointing the challenges you're facing and helping you connect with past experiences that may be contributing. Then I help you develop practical coping skills to overcome these and parent with confidence.





Struggling? I help you gain insight and make connections as to how your background/childhood and personality as well as current stresses play a role in how you're currently experiencing motherhood.

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Parenting skills

Feeling like you're not good enough? Like any job, parenting takes time to master. I work with you to work through your parenting challenges, connect with your child, develop routines and improve your ability to parent.

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Stress-management programs

Feeling stressed? I don't blame you. Kids and life make for little time to look after yourself. But I can help you master a range of strategies that can help you reduce and manage the stress associated with being a parent. 

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parent-child ENGAGEMENT

Do you struggle to connect with your child? Or have trouble understanding what they are thinking? Using play-based interactions and mindfulness techniques, I will teach you how to engage with your child on their level.

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About me

As an experienced therapist specialising in perinatal mental health (and a mum of two boys), I understand the challenges of being a parent and have the tools to make your journey easier. 

Ginny is unlike other therapists. She assesses the situation quickly, develops rapport in a gentle and accepting way and offers a range of helping techniques. I have referred dozens of women to her and I would recommend Ginny’s assistance to any mothers experiencing post natal issues.
— Jennifer McBain, Enhanced M&CH Nurse